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Euro vanillin Pure

EuroVanillin Borrebon

The world’s most popular flavour. In the olden days, it could only be derived from vanilla beans. No other flavour has such a long heritage, evoking fond memories and unforgettable taste experiences. Fortunately there is technology that can make the warm taste of vanilla accessible to everybody.

Borregaard has been providing the world with vanillin for more than 50 years.
Now even with a note that is reminiscent of the most sought-after varieties.



Flavouring (according to 1334/2008).
For Food Applications.


Kosher, Halal, FEMA/GRAS, GMO-free, vegetarian.

Intensity 1:1 against standard vanillin. EuroVanillin Borrebon can be standardised to any prefered intensity.